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Clean Water Projects

Millions without this basic necessity

An Alarming Lack of Clean Water

In a country of 120 million, nearly 40% – a staggering 30 million people – lack access to clean drinking water and sanitation. This isn't just an inconvenience; it's a fight for survival.

This crisis extends beyond thirst. Clean water is essential for hygiene, cooking, agriculture, and healthcare. The lack of readily available clean water hinders all these aspects of life and is a breeding ground for various potentially fatal diseases that can be significantly reduced by the presence of clean water.

The situation is even worse for those who have some access but must travel significant distances to collect water. This daily burden consumes time and energy that could be spent on education, work, or caring for family.

Inauguration of a New Project

The team undertakes 2-3 water projects per year, depending on the estimated costs. The costs of a project can range between €3,000 – €25,000 due to fluctuating fuel prices, the cost of materials such as concrete, piping and transportation, especially to villages which are not accessible by vehicles.

Over the past couple of years, expenses have risen astronomically due to inflation. At times access is only possible via mules and this becomes both costly and time consuming.

Living Waters Clean Water Projects

Reducing Disease and Empowering Communities

Living Waters tackles the water crisis head-on by providing clean water access points across rural and urban areas throughout the country. Our projects adapt to the local terrain, from drilling boreholes with pumps for clean groundwater to building water catchment systems from mountain streams and distribution networks. The impact is undeniable.

These projects have led to a significant decrease in waterborne illnesses like typhoid, cholera, and goiter in these communities. Over the years many projects have been constructed in a number of towns, villages, community centres and schools.

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Further Challenges

The Dry Season Threat

Ethiopia's tropical climate brings a harsh reality during dry seasons. The lack of rain leaves many without clean water, especially those without the means to store it in Roto tanks or larger reservoirs. Living Waters goes beyond simply providing clean water access points. We also empower communities by helping them store this life giving resource to ensure a steady supply throughout the dry season, preventing them from being left "high and dry."